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Lancaster County MH/ID/EI

We believe that all people have value, and that all people deserve the opportunity to achieve their highest potential for lives that are full, rewarding, productive and valued.

To this end, we are committed to utilizing precious resources in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our program is dedicated to comprehensive planning and administration of quality community mental health, intellectual disability, and early intervention services.

Mental Health

Lancaster County MH/ID/EI believes that every person with a mental illness has the potential to recover and lead a quality and meaningful life. Public mental health services are designed to serve adults with serious mental illness and children with mental illness and/or emotional disturbances who need supports to be successful in their community. The supports offered by either our agency and/or our contracted providers include psychiatric and social rehabilitation, case management, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, residential, supportive housing, vocational services, peer support, drop-in center services, advocacy and self help. Our agency is committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and educates the community about the potential and successes of people who are experiencing mental illness.

Intellectual Disability

The Lancaster County Intellectual Disability Program assists individuals with intellectual disability to connect with services and supports they need to be as independent as possible. Supports coordinators meet with individuals and their families to review their strength and need areas, and develop an Individual Support Plan. Individuals and families are encouraged to use community supports, and paid service agencies provide a range of life skills, work, and community skills training and experiences. Supports coordinators assist individuals in determining which services would best meet their needs. They complete the requests to obtain funding for individuals’ services, and then monitor the services to be sure they are being provided as expected and that the individual is satisfied and benefitting from the supports.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention services and supports are designed to help families with children birth to three years who have developmental delays. Early Intervention provides ideas for how a family can help their child at home and in the community. A developmental evaluation is completed to determine if a child is eligible for Early Intervention supports. A child is eligible for Early Intervention supports if he/she has a 25% delay in any major area of development. An Early Intervention support coordinator helps the family create an Individualized Family Service Plan, which details supports the family will receive. There is no cost to families to participate in the developmental evaluation or supports. All supports take place in settings that are comfortable and familiar to the child and family.

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